Crinum lily queen

Crinum lily queen

A giant lily like this can be the centerpiece of your landscape. Already impressive in size and growth habit, it occasionally tops it off by producing a long stem with an enormous flower.

Crinums bloom on and off all year. They widen at the base with their many suckers or "pups" - baby crinums - that you can remove or leave in place.

  • Light

    This is a moderate grower that prefers a well-drained area in full to part sun, though it will grow in shadier spots.

  • Zone

    Queen Emma prefers Zone 10 and bordering areas of Zone 9B, though in a well-protected spot this plant may do fine in cooler regions.

  • Water

    Though it's moderately drought tolerant, this plant can take moist conditions occasionally and looks spectacular when planted near the edge of a pond.